Kayak 3.6m pro Fishing, dessert

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  • Model: kayak 3.6m pro-fishing dessert
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Available in,orange, blue, camo

please note some colours may not be avaiable from time to time..

..Robust fishing kayak

..Made from polyethylene

..3 fishing rod holders

..Two water resistant hatches

..1 high back seats

..1 paddles with 3 position adjustment made of heavy duty black EDC coated aluminium shaft with hand grips and PVC anti drip rings


..1 x 5litre dry bag..1 x high back seat.. 1 x front handle..1 x rear handle. ..2 x side handles..1 x rudder..2 x foot pedals..2 x fishing rod holders ..1 x swivel rod holders.. 1 x bottle holder.. 1 x 2 piece paddle ..2 x hatches..internal dia of hatch 235mm..external dia of hatch 280mm ..dimension 365 x 78 x 39cm..weight 27kg..cap 190kg


This is a single sit on fishing kayak including all accessories for all your kayaking and fishing needs from surfing the waves in the sea or river. The full package includes accessories and practical inbuilt features will save you hundreds of dollars and provide you maximum enjoyment out on the water. It is professionally designed and rigged on the purpose of building maximum stability, maneuverability and performance on the water. It is of high density grade polyethylene construction with large rear storage and secure bungee staps to ensure you can carry everything you need for the day..... This kayak comes with a rudder mounted off the stern of the kayak and it is controlled by the foot pedals. The primary purpose of the rudder is to aid in "tracking", that is to keep the kayak on a straight course. when positioned in the centre, it functions the same as a skeg. the second feature of the rudder is steering. Wwhile the rudder helps the kayak track straight when paddling conditions are affecting the performance of the kayak-wind, water turbulanc, currents or waves can force the kayak of course, the steering capability of a rudder compensates to make course correction easy..... Up down left or right- the rudder is simple to use. cables attached on the side are used to raise and lower the rudder and foot pedals are designed for moving the rudder side to side for steering when they are lowered into the water. When the kayak rudder is raided, it rests on the deck.